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Manitou Springs (50 min): Great family friendly historic town at the base of Pikes Peak.

     Barr Camp Trail - Trailhead is at the base of the Manitou Incline. Beautiful trail system that will take you to the summit of Pikes Peak. This is a 26 mile round trip which makes it easily an all day event for most folks. Barr Camp is about 7 miles up the mountain and is a great spot to rest, rehydrate (running water) and chat with travelers from around the world.

     Manitou Incline (50 min): With .8 miles of climbing with roughly 2,000' in vertical gain this is a great workout with better views. You can enjoy the climb then dump onto Barr Camp Trail for a fast run back down the mountain. So much fun!

     Manitou is full of indie shops, coffee houses, great restaurants, small mom and pop motels/ hostels and a real chill vibe.


Old Colorado City (1 hour): Really neat historic town on the border of Colorado Springs.

     Red Rocks Recreation area: Amazing trails that connect hundreds of miles of trails.

     Garden of The Gods: Red rock outcroppings with beautiful backdrops for photo ops and really nice paved and unpaved trails.

     Shopping, dining, motels/ hostels.


Woodland Park (40 min): Sleepy little mountain town 30 minutes up the pass from Colorado Springs.

     Walmart, Safeway, Natural Grocers, small indie shops for your consumable needs. Dining is available but if your looking for organics youll need to make your way to Manitou or Old Colorado City.

Canon City (40 min): A quintessential Colorado historic town known for its proximity to the Arkansas River and Royal Gorge.

     The Royal Gorge Park: Bridge spanning the gorge open to visitors for sightseeing overlooking the gorge and the Arkansas River. 

     Canyon Rim Trail, Tunnel Trailhead to The Royal Cascade are two must do trail systems.

     Shopping, dining, motels/ hostels, river rafting, zip lining.


Salida (1.5 hours): Surrounded by multiple 14ers, this is the next up and coming Colorado town, nestled along the Arkansas River is currently going through a massive transformation attracting residents and business' from all parts.


     Great restaurants, indie shops, bike rentals, raft/ kayak rentals, trail systems galore!


Buena Vista (1.5 hours): Another up and coming town along the Arkansas River with amazing views of the 14ers.

     Great restaurants, indie shops, bike rentals, raft/ kayak rentals, trail systems galore!

Leadville (2 hours): If your a runner, you know Leadville. 

     Great restaurants, indie shops and of course trail systems used for the iconic Leadville Series events.

     A must see is Twin Lakes. Located south of Leadville on the way to Buena Vista, these lakes are awe inspiring...and perfect for a good ol' cold plunge if your so inclined. Summer cold plunges in mountain lakes are the best!

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